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Nail Treatment for Fungus That Doesn’t Require So Much Work!

LCN’s Mykosept – Effective nail treatment for fungus, that doesn’t require so much work!

So you’re asking “how do you get a fungus?” and “how can I cure nail fungus?”

Well this is an interesting one. To the first question “how do you get a fungus” – toenail fungus is usually a result of the inability of your feet to breathe (a result of  shoes that are made of synthetic materials). As they have so many sweat glands they hold quite a bit of moisture which fungus sits in. Nail fungus can be caused by small openings (i.e. cuts) where there is also a great amount of moisture.

And now to the second question – “how can I cure nail fungus” – Google and you’ll find so many ideas on how to cure a fungus nail on the feet/hands (anywhere it shouldn’t be on the skin). Nail treatments for nail fungus are widespread and the usual remedy includes drowning ourselves in all sorts of creams (don’t forget to wash the area with soap, throw that soap out, wash the towel you use and change your socks everyday). The remedies literally become endless and as you stress for time in the morning and (lets be honest) don’t want to find time after a hard days work, these remedies are often ignored or, at best, done once at day (despite the strongly recommended 2-3 times a day) at the displeasure of the user.

Fungus nail care at it’s best!

So we wanted to help by offering a nail treatment for fungus that doesn’t require so much work and we did! This beauty of a product – LCN’s Mykosept (antifungal toenail treatment that can also be used for the treatment of fingernail fungus) – comes in a dropper or a spray, depending on what you find best suited for you. Both, most importantly, Mykosept prevents reinfection by allowing you to treat the skin without it touching your hands or product (winning!). And why would you be interested in this – because it is a HUGE time saver. Just a few drops or sprays and you will be on your way (we’re so excited we’re rhyming!). Gone are the days where fungus nail care becomes long winded and involves huge amounts of motivation. This nail treatment for fungus has been tried and tested and turns out it is one of LCN’s best selling product. Want another opinion? Check out this blog where Mykosept has been suggested

mykosept nail fungus cure

It comes in a 50ml bottle (which lasts quite a while) and is extremely light weight making it easy to carry around (and gives you no excuse not to use it at anytime of the day i.e. lunch breaks, just before a dinner out).

What ingredients does this fungal toenail solution involve?

Mykosept’s nail treatment for fungus contains bisabolol panthenol piroctane, and tinactin. All the goodies it needs to be able to help cure nail fungus and prevent further fungal infection.

Where can it be bought?

Mykosept can be bought here for end-consumers.

If you are a professional then check out LCN’s professional website here.

But what is nail fungus exactly?

You might still be asking what is nail fungus however our lack of medical degree leaves us a little skeptical to answer this one confidently so have a look here at this article we found useful in answering this question!

Foot care - Mykosept fungus nail treatment


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